Things to see and do

Lund is a city that holds ancient history and tomorrow’s possibilities. There are a lot of things to see and do in Lund and the surrounding areas. Visit Lund provides a top 10 list of things of not-to-be missed sights during your stay in Lund.

A similar list of attractions in Lund, Skåne (the southernmost region in Sweden) and also Copenhagen is presented by the University.

Lund Medieval Festival, June 10-11

During the weekend before IAFSS2017 there will be a Medieval festival in Folkparken.

On June 10, Lund City has guided tours of the city and there will be activities that refers to one of the most important events in the history of Lund, The battle of Lund in 1676. 8000 poor souls were killed during one day of battle between the armed forces of Sweden and Denmark.

Actors, dressed as soldiers in 17th century cavalry, will perform a cavalry chock as it was during the Battle of Lund. This will be performed in Lundagård at two occasions, 11.40 am and 2.45 pm. There will also be guided bus tours to see the places of the Battle of Lund. Unfortunately for our colleagues outside of the Nordic countries, all the guided tours is in Swedish. However, you can learn more about the old city of Lund by using the App Medieval Lund.

AF Borgen

AF-borgen in Lundagård