MaCFP workshop

The IAFSS Working Group on Measurement and Computation of Fire Phenomena (MaCFP Working Group) will organise a workshop immediately before the  IAFSS Symposium, on June 10-11 2017. There is a detailed program available for the workshop.

The general objective of the MaCFP Working Group is to establish a structured effort in the fire research community to make significant and systematic progress in fire modeling, based on a fundamental understanding of fire phenomena. This is to be achieved as a joint effort between experimentalists and modelers, identifying key research topics of interest as well as knowledge gaps, and thereby establishing a common framework for fire modeling research.

Proceedings will be edited and put online on the MaCFP website ( The proceedings are intended to review progress, summarize accomplishments of the workshop and provide guidance with clear objectives for the next workshop.

The target audience is the experimental and computational fire research community.

Condensed Phase Phenomena Subgroup Planning Meeting

Historically, the fire modeling community has organized into two distinct groups:  those who study smoke and heat transport in the gas phase, and those who study thermal decomposition and pyrolysis in the condensed phase.  Previous discussions of the MaCFP have focused on gas phase phenomena, but quantitatively predicting fire growth and development will require coupled modeling and simulation of both gas and condensed phase processes.  To this end, following discussions in April of 2016, it was proposed that the MaCFP be expanded to include a subgroup dedicated to the predictive modeling of condensed phase phenomena.  A committee was formed to produce a white paper and organize a planning meeting during the 2017 MaCFP workshop at 12th IAFSS Symposium.

The purpose of the newly formed Condensed Phase Phenomena subgroup is to facilitate data sharing and model development to improve computational predictions of thermal decomposition and pyrolysis in fire scenarios.

The cost of participating the the MaCFP workshop is 250 SEK for members and 600 SEK for non members. More information about the MaCFP work group and the workshop can be found here.