Joining Instructions

The Venue

The Symposium Venue is located at the Faculty of Engineering Campus (see map below). You can download a map of the campus here.

LTH Campus small

The Symposium venue located at the Faculty of Engineering

Addresses of importance

  • Kårhuset: John Ericssons väg 3, Lund
  • Matteannexet: Sölvegatan 20
  • V-building: John Ericssons väg 1


When arriving to the symposium you are asked to visit the local registration desk to receive a delegate bag. Your bag contains the program and additional symposium information, the badge, an envelope with tickets to events, and some other information. The local registration desk will be located in either the V-building, Kårhuset or in the Matteannex depending on when you arrive, see map.

If you have registered to any of the workshops on Saturday the 10th and/or on Sunday the 11th of June you can get your bag and other items in the V-building just inside the entrance. The local registration desk will be open from 8.00 on Saturday and Sunday. It will move to Kårhuset on Sunday afternoon, and then to Matteannexet on Monday.

If you will not participate in any workshop you visit the local registration desk in Kårhuset opening at 17.00 on Sunday. This is at the same time and location as the Welcome Reception.

The local registration desk in Matteannexet is open during the entire symposium (typically 8.00-17.30) and the staff are there to help you.


All Saturday and Sunday workshops will be in the V-building.

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception is in Kårhuset and starts at 17.00 on Sunday June 11, 2017.

Symposium sessions

Keynote sessions will take place in Kårhuset. All other sessions will be in Matteannexet in any of the lecture rooms.

Posters and photo exhibition

If you shall present a poster or take part in the photo exhibition you may put up your material from 17.00 on Sunday June 11. You can also do this Monday June 12.

Wifi access

Wifi is available at all university buildings. Information on how to connect is provided in the program folder in the delegate bag.

How to get to Lund

Information about how to get to the city of Lund can be found here.

Additional information

If you have further questions, please send an e-mail to