Instructions to Reviewers

Reviewers should login to EasyChair to register their response.

1. Go to: If this is your first access to the EasyChair website, create a new account by clicking “create an account”. If you already have an account (for instance an account that you may have used in past conferences), your name and email address have already been registered with EasyChair. Provide your username and password to login. If you do not know or forgot your login username and password, click “click here” following “Forgot your password?” and then provide your email address.

Note that you may have multiple roles such as “Track chair”, “Author” or “Subreviewer”. Click “Subreviewer” to login as a reviewer. Your role in the Easychair system is shown on the upper left corner of the webpage. You can always change your role by selecting “IAFSS2017” on the top horizontal menu and by clicking “Change role” on the drop-down menu.

2. Select “Review Requests” on the top horizontal menu (top-left option) to see your current list of review invitations. Select each item of the list independently and then click the sub-menu “Answer request” on the top-right corner. On the following page, select “I agree to review this submission” to accept the review invitation or “I do not agree to review it” to decline. Click on the send button at the bottom of the page.

If you are unable to act as a reviewer, please reply immediately. We would also appreciate your suggestion of alternate reviewers (if possible with their email address(es)).

Note that the manuscript can be downloaded by clicking on the yellow folder icon.

3. If you accept a review invitation, your comments are due by no later than December 15, 2016. 

4. To submit your review, login to EasyChair and make sure your role is “Subreviewer” (see bullet 1 above). Select “Review Requests” on the top horizontal menu (top-left option) to see your current list of review invitations. Select the relevant manuscript and then click the sub-menu “Submit review” on the top-right corner. Follow the instructions on the following page. Click on the submit button at the bottom of the page.

You may want to first prepare your review offline, save your comments in a file, and then copy and paste your comments to the “Submit review” webpage when submitting your review.

For your review, you are expected to provide detailed comments on both the technical contributions of the submitted manuscript and the overall quality of presentation. Please also indicate whether the manuscript requires English language assistance. Your score entry (-2, 0, 2 or 3) should be consistent with your overall judgment and detailed comments. Please note that reviews with short statements that are not sufficiently motivated or detailed may not be considered by the Program Committee.

Note that your review will be important in reaching the final decision to both accept/reject manuscripts for oral presentation at the 2017 IAFSS Symposium and accept/reject manuscripts for publication in the Proceedings of the Symposium, i.e., in the Special Issue of Fire Safety Journal.

In case of questions, please email the Program Co-Chairs, Bart Merci ( and Arnaud Trouvé (