Information to Speakers

We are happy that you will present your research at the symposium. Please note that the information in this paper is primarily relevant for the person presenting the paper at the symposium. The information will, however, be distributed to all authors. To have an efficient symposium presentation we ask you for the following:

Before the symposium

  • Send a short bio describing yourself (i.e. the person presenting the paper at the symposium) in a few sentences, no later than Friday the 2nd of June, the sooner the better. It will be used by the session chair to introduce you just before you start presenting. Send the bio to
  • Send your Power Point presentation no later than Friday the 9th of June (preferably sooner) to this e-mail address:

At the symposium

A computer will be available for your presentation. It will be loaded with your Power Point presentation. It is possible to use your own computer but it is recommended that you submit your presentation and use the common computer.

Note that keynote presentations are in Kårhuset and all other presentations are in Matteannexet, see information and map in Joining instructions.

You should meet with your session chair no later than 10 minutes before your session starts. Then you can meet the session chair and familiarize yourself with the lecture room and the equipment. There will be a seat assigned for you at the first row.

There will be two symposium assistants helping you to start your presentation and assist you with the microphone (headset).

You have 20 minutes for your presentation (keynote speakers have longer time). No more than that.

When you have 3 minutes left of your presentation time (i.e. after 17 minutes) the session chair will show a yellow paper. When your presentation time is consumed, a red sign is shown. Then you must immediately conclude your presentation.

After you have concluded your presentation, there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask you questions and this will be led by the session chair. During the question part, people may take the opportunity to move between sessions so please be aware of this.

A final word

It is important that you submit the bio as this will be used to indicate that the paper actually will be presented at the symposium. If you are unable to present a bio at June 2nd, please, send an e-mail confirming that the paper will be orally presented and when you are able to submit the bio. Use the e-mail address: