Information to Session Chairs

Speaker biography

Each presenter is supposed to send in a short bio. You will receive the bios for the speakers in your session by e-mail before the symposium (if they are available). You will also get the most updated version in printed form just before the symposium.

Pre-session meeting

Meet the presenters in your session 10 minutes before the session starts to see who they are. Speakers are asked to meet with you in the session room and get familiar with the presentation equipment. This is the time for possible Power Point presentation updating. Otherwise, the presentations are loaded in the computer in the session room.

There will be a seat assigned for you at the first row.


Each presentation is 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions and introduction of next speaker. Keynote presentations are longer. If the speaker does not stop talking after 20 minutes you have to intervene and stop the presentation in a nice but firmly way. It is important to keep the schedule as people are expected to move between sessions. Transition between sessions will take place during the 5 minutes’ break. Note that you lead the question part i.e. decides who is going to ask the questions.

Time keeping

To help the speaker to keep the time limit you have two colored paper sheets, one red and one yellow. Show the yellow paper when 3 minutes remain of the presentation time. Use the red paper when the time is to end (approximately half a minute before).


There will be two assistants (wearing red T-shirts) in the room helping with microphones and loading presentations. If any in the audience want to ask a question, let him or her use the microphone.

End of session

It would be nice to thank the session speakers at the end of the session and remind when the next session starts.