Getting around in Lund

Lund is a small and compact city and it is easy to get around by foot. However, the local buss service works very well and operates around the clock.

Local Busses

If you are traveling with buss within the city of Lund you should use the green busses. If you are going from the Central train station to the Symposium Venue take the green busses with no. 6 (towards Östra Linero via Univ.sjukhuset) or 20 (towards ESS via MAX IV) and jump off at LTH. The bus ride from the city to the venue takes 5-10 minutes.

If you have your Symposium badge visible, you can travel free with the local green busses in Lund during the entire Symposium. This is possible due to a agreement between the local arrangement committee and Skånetrafiken.

If you do not have your badge or if your are traveling to or from Lund you need to buy your ticket before you board any train or bus. You can buy your ticket in ticket machines, in the Skånetrafiken App or at a service point (in Lund it is located at the Central Train Station).

If you want to check the timetable for the local busses or get more details on how to buy tickets, please visit Skånetrafiken.

Lund bus 20

Rent a bike

It is possible to sign up and rent a bikes with the bike system Lundahoj. Lundahoj has 17 bike stations and 250 bikes in Lund. You pick up a bike at one station and leave it at another station. You can read more about how it works here.


The following Taxi companies are recommended to use.

  • Taxi Skåne: +46(0) 46-330 330
  • Taxi Lund: + 46(0) 46-12 12 12
  • RD Taxi: +46(0) 40-180 180

It is also possible to book a taxi via the Taxi Skåne app and RD Taxi app. Available on Google Play and App Store.