The 12th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science will be hosted by the Division of Fire Safety Engineering June 12-16, 2017.

The Symposium is the premier fire safety science meeting in the world and has been organized triennially since 1985. The program will have parallel sessions for the presentation of fully peer-reviewed papers over the five days of the Symposium, including invited lectures from the world’s top fire science researchers. The Symposium will also have poster sessions which will provide an excellent opportunity to interact individually with researchers about their most recent work.

The planning of the Symposium is well under way and there are plans on both technical and social activities (workshops, PhD student sessions etc) during the days before and after the Symposium. There will also be a wide range of entertainment and tours in the companion program. Souther Sweden holds both rural and urban areas as well as a marvellous nature within a well accessible area. More information about the different arrangements will be presented as the planning of the Symposium progresses.

The division is very honored and proud to host this event! More information about the International Association of Fire Safety Science (IAFSS) can be found on the IAFSS homepage.

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